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From Pelican Hill Resort Magazine

A Conversation with Josette and Mark Patterson – Spring 2018

HIIT Your Fitness Goals at The Spa at Pelican Hill – January 2018

Traditional and Eclectic Treats Abound at Pelican Hill – October 2017


From Huntington Beach Visitors Guide


Samples from OC FAMILY Magazine Column “Plugged In”

Tech Tools for Students > OCR Family – August 2015

Pet Tech for Furry Friends >OCR Family – Sep 2015

Halloween Movies to Watch with Your Family > OCR Family – Oct 2015

Recipes at Your Fingertips > OCR Family – Nov 2015

The Virtual Reality Experience > OCR Family – Dec 2015

Learn to Code > OCR Family – Jan 2016

Family Friendly Valentine’s Day Films > OCR Family – Feb 2016


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