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Conversation with Actor-Artist Keegan Allen

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“Everyone wants to fit in and be noticed. Everyone is searching for something, every day, every hour.” – Keegan Allen, Keegan Allen is a young actor on the hit show “Pretty Little Liars (PLL).” He is also an artist and has quite the social media following Over 1 million followers on Twitter and 2.3 million on Instagram! What draws…

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Music Monday: Jamie Hince of The Kills’ Photo Exhibit in LA

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You probably know Jamie Hince as half of the indie rock duo “The Kills,” who went on tour with the Raconteurs, a few years ago. Or you could know him as the better (?) half of supermodel Kate Moss. Whatever. Neither of those two factoids really have anything to do with this story, except that I’m writing about Jamie’s upcoming…

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You are What You Eat.

I photograph what I eat. It’s nothing new. Come to a BlogCrush gathering and see the camera flashes go off when a dish is served. It’s an unwritten rule – we all know not to start eating till we’ve taken pictures. My husband wonders why I can’t eat without first documenting my food. I don’t do it all the time…

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Shoot what you eat

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“Keeping a photographic food diary is a growing phenomenon with everything from truffle-stuffed suckling pig to humble bowls of Cheerios being captured and offered for public consumption.” — excerpt from The New York Times’ article about people who photograph their food (April 6, 2010): First Camera,then Fork. I confess I am guilty of this as I occasionally photograph my food.…

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