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Travel Tuesday: A Desert Escape at The Boulders Resort in Arizona

The drive to Arizona is smooth and uneventful. And then the landscape starts to change. There are cacti on the side of the road and tumbleweeds. Large granite boulders jut out from the desert and you wonder if they are real. In fact, they are 12 million years old kind of real. And that’s how this luxury Waldorf-Astoria Resort got…

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Taste of Huntington Beach is on Sunday April 28th

Two things I love: Good Books and Good Food. That is why I love supporting the Taste of Huntington Beach organized by the Friends of the Children’s Library (FOTCL). I myself have been a volunteer and one-time correspondence secretary of the FOTCL. Since 2002, the Friends of the Children’s Library (FOTCL), in partnership with the Huntington Beach Restaurant Association (HBRA),…

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