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EYN iPhone case

Product Review: EYN iPhone 6 Case

I am the kind of person who prefers function over fashion but when I find a product that has both – it’s a win-win. Choosing what case to use for my new phone, seemed as important as choosing between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. I was really happy with my custom-made Dr. Who-inspired Etsy-ordered phone case for…

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TECH REVIEW: myCharge Energy Shot

  As a social media manager and new media journalist, I rely heavily on my cellphone. At events, for example, I use my phone to get the job done, live tweeting, posting on Instagram, updating Facebook pages etc. so when the juice runs out of my phone I am in a bind. I have found myself searching madly for an…

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TECH REVIEW: HTC ONE Harman/Kardon Edition

I received the HTC One Harman/Kardon edition from my provider, Sprint, for review and let me tell you, she is a beaut. It’s got this brushed metal design which is pretty to look at but even cooler, the wrap-around frame is curved to fit your hand. It’s big but not too big. I was told that the best thing about…

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