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Lost Facebook Likes

It’s not you, it’s me. No, actually, it’s Facebook. You may have noticed a small drop in your Facebook Likes Count. You see, over the weekend, Facebook started removing two types of accounts from your fan count: memorialized accounts and voluntarily deactivated accounts. So basically the great Facebook purge is doing you a favor by deleting accounts that are dedicated…

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Facebook Birthday Wishes

154 That would be the number of people who posted a greeting on my Facebook wall on my birthday. Take note, six people posted belated birthday greetings the next day. 54, 18 That would be the number of likes my birthday selfie garnered along with the number of comments. 9 That would be the number of birthday greetings I received…

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Keep-Calm-o-Matic | Quite Facebook

Don’t You Wish You Could Quit Facebook?

For social media managers like me, Facebook is a necessary evil. Most days, I just want to quit Facebook.  As far as social networking goes and marketing, I personally think it is a dead end. A part of me still loves it though, because it keeps me connected to friends and family near and far.  Who would’ve thought that I’d know what my Kindergarten classmate…

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Facebook Chain Status Updates – the new Chain Letter

I remember receiving chain letters in the mail. There were those threatening ones that you had to send out to x number of people lest some awful fate befell you. And then there were those that rewarded you with something a sticker, stationery or something that you would only receive once you had sent out the same letter to the…

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Hashtag Best Practices for Events

You don’t have to be a social media guru, ninja, or expert to use a hashtag. But if you’ve read that first line and are still scratching your head, perhaps a simple definition is in order. A hashtag is simply a label for content. It is used mostly on Twitter but you can also use them on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest…

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Facebook Changes

[View the story “Reactions to Facebook News Feed Changes” on Storify] Reactions to Facebook News Feed Changes Facebook announced changes to its News Feed design this morning. And in a world where we photograph everything we eat and most everything we see, it does make sense to create a more visual, mobile-friendly interface. Here are early reactions to the announcement.…

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Social Media Recruiting

The biggest question I get from recruiters is: how can I use social media to recruit the best talent? Gone are the days of having to sift through hundreds of paper resumes in order to find candidates that might fit a position you are recruiting for.  Using social media tools allow you  to connect and engage with a wider pool…

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5 Social Media Resolutions for 2012

Inspired by Dan Gershenson over at the Personal Branding Blog, here are my Social Media Resolutions for 2012. 1. ENGAGE  Of course any so called social media guru, maven, expert, specialist, will tell you that THIS is the secret sauce to building relationships online via social media channels. It’s a given to ENGAGE online, but MY RESOLUTION is to ENGAGE…

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