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Passion Project : Saving Sally – a Film Worth Saving and Sharing

UPDATE!!! It’s been three years since I wrote this blog post, ten years since the movie started production. Finally, “Saving Sally” a romantic sci-fi fantasy, is hitting the screens on Christmas day in Manila, Philippines as part of the annual Metro Manila FilmFest. Congratulations to director Avid Liongoren and his team! —- Originally published October 9, 2013 Long ago in…

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Marcie Taylor Podcast Guest

My Guest Stint on Miz Meliz Podcast #TenMiniTT

The first time we met, only one of two times we’ve seen each other in person really, was at the Getty Museum in LA. I recognized her from her profile picture. And as with many people I’ve met through social media, we instantly clicked. Being in the same social networks before a face to face meeting is a good way…

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hello world

Testing one, two, three. I was hacked recently. So everything just went #*@!&@$ – all four websites. It was insane. Fortunately, I have friends like Oscar Gonzalez, who helped me not only fix my sites but also helped me see the error in my ways. You know about creating passwords, updating WordPress etc. I promise to write a longer piece…

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Businesses should consider employing a social media specialist to coordinate campaigns | Social Media Today

“For companies to get the most out of social media they should consider employing a specialist as part of their PR team or if using a PR agency they should ensure at least one suitably qualified person is working on their account. Although championing a business’ social networking channels, and perhaps also writing content, is the responsibility of many in…

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