3 Social Media Tips for Next Year’s Grammy’s

Like a nut, I stayed up to watch The Grammy Awards. I didn’t care too much for the nominees or the winners, this year or years before. Like Kelly Clarkson, I didn’t know who the heck Miguel was. And I had only a vague idea who Ed Sheeran was either. But I’ve long accepted that though the Grammy World may not be to my musical taste, I love a good show. Like that Marley Medley and Jack White’s number!

The social media strategist in me was a wee bit excited every time LL Cool J asked people to get social and mentioned hashtags and what not. But since I was watching the West Coast telecast, it got annoying pretty soon because it wasn’t social “in real time.” In fact, some of my friends like @mayhemstudios and the crew tweeting with @omginsider; and members of the SoCal Lady Bloggers had already live-tweeted the event earlier.

I had to resist the urge to check my Twitter Feed and Facebook wall for spoilers. I failed, of course, because even before the west coast show on CBS, I already knew to look out for Taylor Swift in the audience singing along to every song, and Solange’s awesome ‘fro.

Some quick thoughts on how The Grammy’s could’ve done social better.

1. More pre-event engagement. They could’ve used their Twitter Feed and Instagram to create conversations and excitement leading up to the awards show.

2. Hashtag on the side of the screen, like FOX does or even #TheVoice. Hashtag should simply have been #grammys2013 (by just using #grammys it’ll be harder to track and analyze in the future). The other hashtags they were trying to get to trend were too long #grammymoment #theworldislistening

3. Instead of the host, announcing his answers to tweets, they could’ve had a Twitter wall or crawl on the screen with The Grammy’s newsfeed or people tagging #grammys.

Ah so much more, but hey, there’s always next year, right?

And since today is Music Monday and I’d like to leave you with some music. Unfortunately, I can’t get any official Grammy footage so I leave you with a taste of His Royal Awesomeness – Jack White.