What I Learned from The 30 Day Blog Challenge

I tried. I really did. But after starting the 30 day challenge with gusto, life got in the way. Between working full time and managing my kids’ schedules, I just did not make the time to write. Yes, I’m not saying I could not make the time, I just did not. When given the choice between blogging and sleeping, I chose sleep.

I managed to write 13 new blog posts for this very blog you are reading – not even half way through the challenge. But if you count, posts I had written for other blogs, I made it to 20 or so.

Not bad, I guess. Still, I failed the challenge. However my unfinished challenge did bring about positive results.

The 30 days blogging challenge #30dbc brought me:

New blogging friends. With support from my buddy Oscar Gonzalez and his blogging accountability group, each blog post was met with cheers and comment love. We were in this together until I wasn’t. And for that I am sorry. But if it weren’t for the challenge, I would not have met and read the blog posts of Cliff Cardin, Chris Lema, Andrew Ledford and William Blumberg among many others.

Inspiration. I find that when I wrote about things I was truly passionate about, the words flowed freely.

So I wrote about music and what I would play if I were a guest DJ on KCRW.  Imagine my delight when I received this tweet from someone who works at KCRW!

….and received comments from friends across the globe.

Connections. I wrote about travel and received an inquiry from a website called Dwellable that features vacation rentals and reviews with photos, maps etc. So I am now a featured blogger on the site.

So, in the end, the 30 Day Blogging Challenge was a positive experience that provided that much needed kick in the rear to get into gear.  It’s December now and a new challenge has been set. Dare I try again?