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5 tips for hiring the right social media manager –

“Alright, I’ll admit – I am a ninja. I called myself that thinking it was different and perfectly described a lot of my virtual assistant work. You know, like a ninja works in the shadows. So the term is still on my profile because it makes some people smile. Especially people who aren’t involved in social media. I suppose, in a way, it’s like being called a Mom Blogger, a term that makes some people (mostly mom bloggers) cringe. But there you have it, I’m a mom blogger AND a ninja. It is what it is.

But seriously, I believe social media is part of today’s reality. It isn’t about the number of fans or followers, it’s about quality conversations. It’s about listening, engaging and eventually, connecting.”

The following article makes many valid points. I totally agree with all the tips – but I’m still on the fence on giving up being a ninja, thought I swear I will never call myself a guru, evangelist or rockstar

The market is saturated with so-called social media experts, but you can leave the "gurus" for teaching yoga. Follow these tips to find the best fit for your brand.