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Go the F* to Sleep Author Answers Some Random Questions – blog exclusive!

Adam Mansbach, New York Times bestselling author, screenwriter and novelist, took the time to do an email interview with me.  You’ve probably heard his name before. His book “Go the F* to Sleep,”  was a viral sensation last year, as it captured the pain of many parents who are tasked with getting their kids to bed.  It didn’t hurt that the audiobook was narrated by the totally bad a** Samuel L. Jackson either.

Now, Adam has written his first children’s book, entitled — “Seriously Just Go to Sleep.”

You can READ the first part of my interview in my By the Book Column for OC FAMILY Magazine, in which he talks about more serious things like how he came to write the books and whether or not he hears Samuel L. Jackson’s voice in his head in his daily life.  You are welcome, of course, to hang around here and read Adam’s witty responses to my otherwise random questions.

M: Now for some random questions… here goes.  What was your favorite children’s book growing up?

A:  I remember the books I read myself best, so a couple that come to mind are the Dedeliare book of Greek mythology, and The Pushcart War.

M: What do you do when YOU can’t sleep? A:  I like to get in a few good hours of worrying.

M : Digital or Paper books?

A:  Paper, now and forever.

M:  Paper journals or blogs?

A:  Paper if you’re writing for yourself, blogs if you think every random thought you have is worth sharing with a bunch of strangers.

M:  Twitter or Facebook?

A:   Actually talking to your friends in real life.

M:  iPhone or Droid?

A:  I don’t like taking sides on matters of consumer electronics. We gotta find better ways to define ourselves than through our product loyalties.

M:  Finally, coffee or tea?

A:  I don’t trust anybody who doesn’t drink coffee. Except kids. Maybe.

Thank Adam. That was a fun interview.  Adam will be at Barnes and Noble in Bella Terra, Huntington Beach tomorrow evening. Call Barnes and Noble for more details  714-897-8781