Celebrating at Alegria Cocina Latina in Long Beach – Archived

The International Motorcycle Shows made a stop at the Long Beach Convention Center last month and I was tasked with finding a venue for an after-show party for the filmmakers behind “Why We Ride,” a documentary film about the passion of motorcycling. Full disclosure: Why We Ride is a client of the agency I work for, Acorn Woods Communications. The party had to come together in just a few days, and so location was key! We were celebrating the anniversary of the film’s release.

Thank goodness for Alegria Cocina Latina, a fantastic venue on Pine St., just a few blocks away from the Convention Center.
Alegria serves a fusion of Spanish, Mexican and Latin American flavors. Our party was held in a dining area next to the bar. It was perfect and intimate, giving guests who came at different times, to nosh, drink and mingle in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Alegria laid out delicious appetizers, including Humitas Chilenas (Fresh Made Sweet Corn Tamale Sautéed Shrimp, Pepper Cream Sauce, Chives), Seafood Paella (Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, Manila Clams, Mussels, Calamari, Daily Fish, Saffron rice chorizo), and Ropita Vieja (Crispy mini tortillas topped with braised shredded beef, Served over puree pinto beans and feta cheese).

The sangria was perfection!

Alegria Cocina Latina | Marcie Taylor

And the service superb!
Alegria Cocina Latina

Here are some tweets from the event #wwrcelebrates


"@Why_We_Ride: Thank you to all @alegriaLB last night #wwrcelebrates @Klock_Werks @VictoryBikes @CristyLee09 @british_customs @AltRiderLLC"

— Brian Klock (@MisterWerks) November 15, 2014