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Are you a part of the Sandwich Generation?

Aging. Growing old. We try not to think about it. But it’s happening as we speak. It’s happening to our parents, and of course, we are aging too! It’s hard to think about especially when we care for our young children, but then you get a call and you realize you have to care for your parents too. Roles are reversed and suddenly, you feel caught in the middle.

These days it isn’t uncommon for people to find themselves in the so-called “sandwich generation.” That is, a generation of people who care for their aging parents while supporting their own children. Being part of this generation brings with it unique challenges including the financial burden of caring for multiple generations of family members.

In a Pew Research Social Trend report, “survey respondents were asked if adult children have a responsibility to provide financial assistance to an elderly parent in need, fully 75% say yes, they do. Only 23% say this is not an adult child’s responsibility.”

You could have them move in with you or perhaps make arrangements for assisted living. There are so many options available, and yet so many issues involved as well.

This Thursday, August 22nd from 4-5pm PST, I will be co-hosting/moderating a Twitter Party/Twitter Chat presented by Senior Care Homes, a site which helps families find the best assisted living facilities. But really more than just being a website, the people behind Senior Care Homes are senior care advocates.

Please join us on Thursday. Follow @seniorcarehomes and me @suburbanmama on Twitter and follow the hashtags #seniorcare and #sandwichgeneration to join the conversation. We will be awarding Amazon gift cards throughout the chat. Be entered to win a gift card by RSVP-ing at

Senior Care Homes Twitter Party