Can I Pick Your Brain?

Go ahead, pick my brain. No, really. I do enjoy brainstorming. But don’t buy me a cup of coffee and call it a consultation. That’s another matter. For now, let’s share ideas and see what happens.

No matter how connected we are to each other online and through technology, nothing beats the human connection. You can chat with me online for months and nothings would come of it. So if you’re in town or a local, let’s get together and chat.  Sitting face to face over a meal and having a conversation, can sometimes lead to a worthwhile project. Who knows?

Coffee | Little Italy, San Diego
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I do enjoy brainstorming especially when it leads to inspiration and collaboration.  If I had a dollar for every idea I’ve had, I’d be as rich as (insert rich person of choice, like Richard Branson or Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Kim Kardashian).  Unfortunately, “Official Brainstormer Jobs” are hard to come by these days. I don’t think the position exists because in fact, brainstorming should be part of all jobs. Thinking creatively , seeing things from someone else’s point-of-view, working with others are essential to any brainstorming session – and every job when you think about it.

I believe brainstorming is most valuable when it leads to action. Sometimes we get too caught up in ideas and fail to move forward.

Brainstorming Photo | Marcie Taylor
Do you have to be smart to brainstorm? I don’t think so. But you do need to be open – to new ideas, to different perspectives, to challenges. Most of all, you have to LISTEN.

Okay so maybe you live halfway around the world and we are on opposite time zones. That doesn’t mean we can’t brainstorm now can we? Heck, we can do a Google+ Hangout and see what happens.

I am grateful for social media – for every channel and platform – that allows us to put forth, gather and listen to new ideas and new ways of thinking. I’d like to think of Twitter, for example, as a universal Brain Trust – a whole universe unto which you can seek advice, ask for help, new ideas, different ideas. Join a Facebook Group and brainstorm online. Read books, watch videos, talk to people beyond your circle and experience life to enrich your own creativity.

And yeah, contact me if you want to brainstorm. I’d love a cup of coffee.


5 responses to “Can I Pick Your Brain?”

  1. Love this post!

    I, too, welcome brainstorming. Not only does it help the person who is asking for suggestions, but like Allison says, above, it helps you build your mind muscle. I always learn something from being in a session where ideas freely fly.

    I know people who are afraid to “give it away” but knowledge can’t be given, it can only be shared. And you don’t become and expert just by hearing something in a meeting.

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  3. Edward Harting Avatar
    Edward Harting

    Thanks Marcie – Wonderful post! I am here is OC, sitting at my conveyance keyboard to all things thought inspiring because of a desire to connect and share. Certainly is good to hear that I don’t have to be smart to want to do so. SMMOC has been a life changer and you can rest assured that I am always ready to brainstorm face to face with any and all. Edw.

  4. Marcie, love your attitude. Yes, collaboration is the most valuable tool that Social Media delivers. Social Media enables collaboration is with friends, customers or prospects that was never available before. Yes, we have had online forums for many years and in many ways Social Media is very similar to forums, but Social Media added what was missing in forums and that was “trust”. Social Media introduced profiles and relationships to the online conversation and the value of the collaboration leaped!

  5. Brainstorming is one of those “muscle memory” things, for lack of a better term. I remember as a kid I had a basketball coach talk about muscle memory and how the more you shoot with the correct techniques, the more you’ll do it an not even know you’re doing it right. The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open. 🙂 Cheers! (with a coffee mug in hand)