The Challenge Sweeping the Nation

I suck at challenges. I apologize to anyone who has challenged me to push ups or questionnaires, thirty days of blog posts or 90 days of videos. Sorry, it’s just not my thing. Maybe it’s because I do not have a competitive bone in my body and the idea of someone “throwing down the gauntlet” does nothing to motivate me. And it’s not because I’m scared of failure but more because I’d rather not start something that I may possibly not finish.
I didn’t even do the Ice Bucket Challenge… technically, my kids did it for me because they thought it was fun.
And then, just the other day, I decided to film the #mannequinchallenge for one of my clients and it turned out really well. So once again, I did not take on the challenge myself.
So yeah, I am unchallenged by these challenges personally. Too often they are chain letter-like and even threaten the non-challenger with some horrible fate or worse, the guilt of breaking the challenge chain.
I’ll tell you what the real challenge is right now: It’s the FUTURE! It’s figuring out our next steps in the days, the months and the years that follow that colossal decision (mistake?) that America made last week.
These are challenging times we live in. Just a week into this “new era,” it seems like it is suddenly okay to hate someone just because they are different from you, they are a different race, religion, sexual orientation etc. As an immigrant, woman of color, mother, human being, I will admit that I am a tad bit frightened of this scenario. But I will not cower in fear and be paralyzed by inaction.
This is our challenge:
To speak up when someone is being mistreated or bullied
To keep calm when confronted by someone angry
To do something to make a difference
To love when everyone else hates.
Will you accept this challenge? I know I will.


2 responses to “The Challenge Sweeping the Nation”

  1. Well said. It isn’t okay to hate on anybody, regardless of who’s leading the country. She said to get behind him and he denounced the hate going on… she hasn’t yet.

    But ultimately it’s up to us to show kindness, compassion and understanding of one another. Our emotions matter, but also our laws matter, our actions matter and in the end, how we treat one another will define our character as a nation.

    Here’s to peace an unity within so we may continue to lead others in the same path!

    1. Marcie Taylor Avatar
      Marcie Taylor

      Here’s to peace and unity indeed! Thanks for taking the time to read my post.