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What It Means To be in Cision’s Top 50 List

“Where PR and Media Connect,” is Cision’s tagline. Cision is a company that offers PR software and services. As a new media journalist, my name appears on Cision lists and that’s how I get press releases and pitches from various agencies. As a PR professional (working for Acorn Woods Communications, a PR and Marketing Firm Specializing in the Motorsports Industry), Cision helps connect me with journalists, publications and influencers relevant to my clients. From time to time, Cision names “Top 50 Somethings” from its vast database – top 50 U.S. Mom Blogger, top 50 Content Marketers to Follow etc.

This is me with my fellow OC Family Mom Ambassadors, writers, taken during an Orange County Public Relations Society of America (OCPRSA) luncheon.

So I was pretty stoked about finding my name in “Cision’s Top 50 Rich Social Media Influencers to Follow On Twitter,” alongside some big deal influencers like Guy Kawasaki , Neal Schaffer and Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. It’s kind of a bummer that my name starts with T and the list is alphabetical so you’d have to scroll down to find me, but it’s still something that I am proud of.

A list, I made it to a list! The other reason that makes this listing special is because I feel that I’m being recognized for the work I’ve done on my favorite social media channel, Twitter. Yes, I said it. Twitter is still my fave, even if I know it may not be for everyone, and it’s still a mystery for marketers to crack. Twitter is my favorite because it retains the qualities of openness and authenticity from the early days of social media.

According to Cision: “We’ve searched high and low for the top 50 media rich social influencers on Twitter by leveraging CisionPoint‘s Influencer Search and by receiving a high score in relevancy (the volume of on-topic tweets related to rich media), timeliness (recent tweets related to the topic), engagement (retweets, replies and mentions), and cone of influence (connection to other influencers in the space), to find the experts on rich media social networks that you NEED to follow.” Read the rest of the article and follow the list here.

And to close, here’s a photo of me with some social media influencers (left) Neal Schaffer, Debbie Miller and Ted Nguyen, all of whom I connected with on Twitter before meeting in real life!


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  1. Congratulations! Another great reason to celebrate big.