The Coolest: Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce – Archived

“We have become a nation obsessed with hot sauce.” – Denver Nicks in “Hot Sauce Nation: America’s Burning Obsession.”

In November, Gringo Bandito released their Special Edition 2016 Private Reserve hot sauce. The recipe featured the yellow bhut, yellow moruga and yellow Carolina Reaper. A limited number of bottles were produced, just like fine wine, this hot sauce is available only for a limited time. I checked the website and there are still some special bundles left!

There is something awesome about hot sauce. Pleasure pain principle? Who knows but it’s there – that desire to feel the heat and the burn in your mouth, giving way to deliciousness. Every hot sauce, depending on the peppers used, gives off a different kind of heat. The beauty of hot sauce is that you do not need a lot to change the flavor, the taste, or the sensations of a meal, or of food, or on a grander scale, of your experience of food.

Here’s a video I made with my friend Oscar from
This is Part 1 of the Hot Sauce Taste Test:

Our family go-to hot sauce is Gringo Bandito’s Green Variety. And if the spicy green sauce isn’t cool enough for its taste, it’s even cooler to find out that Gringo Bandito is the brainchild of Dexter Holland, singer of the punk rock band “The Offspirng.” He founded the company 12 years ago and the brand is now carried in over 500 restaurants and 7000 supermarkets!

I say, keep on playing music, Dexter and keep on making those hot sauces!

Here’s a classic from “The Offspring:”