Curiosity Rover Lands on Mars, Sparks Jokes and Memes

Curiosity Lands on Mars

Heads up space geeks, we’ve landed on Mars. NASA’s new and adorably named rover "Curiosity" successfully landed on the Red Planet on Monday. No doubt this is a scientific milestone that has captured the hearts of people all over the world. Not to mention, inspired a few jokes and internet memes.

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The first image from the Curiosity on Mars just in… Takei
Hey, Curiosity, don’t forget to look for a rusted-out Martian Beetle – Los Angeles Times News
BREAKING NEWS: Curiosity rover stuck. Director: "In retrospect, giving it a Mars Bars diet was shortsighted."Alex Serra
Daily News 4u | Mars-Landung von "Curiosity" – | Hoffentlich finden sie uns NICHT .. > News 4u
RT @ZKHWillem4: #Curiosity stuurt eerste kleurenfoto van #Mars naar de aarde.
@ManMadeMoon Fantastic view of the Milky Way from Mars. #Curiosity
Have you guys seen the first photo taken by the Mars Curiosity? It’s amazing!
RT @AndaTahu: Bobak Ferdowsi, sorg pegawai NASA memiliki rambut "Mohawk Guy" lebih populer dr berita pendaratan Curiosity d Mars
First picture from NASA’s Curiosity rover landing on Mars revealed!