The Strength of the Filipino – and Updated List of Legit Ways to Donate to Typhoon Haiyan Relief

One week after Typhoon Haiyan destroyed a big part of Central Philippines, the world is still in shock. The pain, devastation and trauma of such a massive tragedy is beyond words. On a more positive note,however, the world is wrapping their arms around the Philippines with an outpouring of donations, concern and love. I feel the love, my friends, from where I sit, still grief-stricken and feeling helpless, from across the seas, away from my countrymen.

Philippine Hero
Taken from a Facebook page.

So when I saw this piece by Anderson Cooper, I was overcome with emotion – sadness, pride, joy, hope.

“When everything else is taken away, broken and battered, soaked raw, stripped bare, you see things. You see people as they really are. This week in Tacloban, Samar and Cebu, amidst the hunger and thirst, the chaos and confusion, we’ve seen the best in the Filipino people. Their strength, their courage, I can’t get it out of my mind. Imagine the strength it takes for a mother to search alone for her missing kids, the strength to sleep; on the street near the body of your child.

We’ve seen people with every reason to despair, every right to be angry, instead find ways to laugh, and to love, to stand up, to move forward.

A storm breaks wood and bone, brings hurt and heartbreak. In the end, the wind, the water, the horror it brings is not the end of the story.

With aid and assistance, compassion and care, this place, these people…they will make it through. They already survived the worst. They’re bowed, perhaps tired and traumatized, but they are not broken.

Mabuhay Philippines! Maraming salamat for all you’ve shown us. Maraming salamat for showing us all how to live.” – Anderson Cooper, AC 360, CNN


Here is an updated list of verified and legitimate organizations accepting monetary donations to benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda in the Philippines.

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee


Catholic Relief Services

Habitat for Humanity

Oxfam America

Red Cross

Samaritan’s Purse

Save the Children


World Food Programme

World Vision