Experiencing SpaRitual at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

One of my favorite escapes is historic and beautiful Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona. So when I heard about the event to launch Glen Ivy’s partnership with SpaRitual, I made plans to be there. Any excuse to relax at Glen Ivy and cover myself up with mud is good for me. The drive to the Inland Empire from Orange County mid-week is not too bad. When I arrived at Glen Ivy at 11:00am, the place was already teeming with people.

A room was set-up with SpaRitual’s eco-conscious product line and I received a mini-hand treatment. I love how SpaRitual is committed to providing spa and nail care products that nourish the mind, body and spirit connection and are also environmentally-friendly. They call it Slow Beauty, “where the practice of restoration and healing begins with a choice.”

To get started, I was asked to smell 4 different scent groups made up of essential oils and bath salts, with corresponding color palettes. These were: Close Your Eyes – calming and soothing,
with the scent of Egyptian Geranium and hues of blues, greens, violets and neutrals; Look Inside – healing and rejuvenating with the scent of Indian Frankincense and hues of browns, berries, grey-greens; Instinctual – energizing and warming, with the scent of Indonesian Ginger and hues of reds, oranges, magentas; and Infinitely Loving – settling and restoring, with the scent of Chinese Jasmine, and hues of peaches, pinks, roses and whites.

Each nail lacquer and body care product belongs to one of these 4 groups. It was totally a multisensory experience and I chose “Instinctual” – the scent of Indonesian Ginger was too hard to resist.

Photo courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.
Photo courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.

According to SpaRitual founder, Shel Pink, the partnership between SpaRitual and Glen Ivy is a natural fit since “Both SpaRitual and Glen Ivy share a similar philosophy of a holistic approach to wellness and the healing benefits of spa treatments.”

After viewing the SpaRitual line of products, I proceeded to my favorite place at Glen Ivy – Club Mud! If you haven’t experienced slathering up mud all over your body and baking in the warm sun, you are missing out. Club Mud is California’s only therapeutic red clay mud bath. Besides its therapeutic effects (your skin feels so smooth afterwards), when you come with a friend, the experience is totally bonding. (You can see a not-so flattering mud-covered image of myself on Instagram.)

I wish I had time for more relaxation and self-reflection and maybe some pool time but as I was trying to beat traffic, I headed home after a delicious lunch at Cafe Sole.

The partnership between SpaRitual and Glen Ivy simply makes sense – the two companies not only believe in being green but actually practice sustainability. Furthermore, they both focus on the well-being of their clients – both inside and out.

One of the pools at Glen Ivy. Photo courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.
One of the pools at Glen Ivy. Photo courtesy of Glen Ivy Hot Springs.


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  1. I love Glen Ivy! Your post reminds me that I need to treat myself and get back there soon!