Facebook Changes

Reactions to Facebook News Feed Changes

Facebook announced changes to its News Feed design this morning. And in a world where we photograph everything we eat and most everything we see, it does make sense to create a more visual, mobile-friendly interface. Here are early reactions to the announcement.

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"What we’re trying to do is give everyone the best personalized newspaper in the world" -Zuckerberg on the #Facebook #NewsFeed announcement.NowThis News
LIVE: Facebook unveils new Newsfeed http://new.livestream.com/facebooklive/streamDean Jayson
I’m not sure what is technically better about this newsfeed yet, but it does look better.Boom Reactive
One new highlight is the brand new #photo #newsfeed. You can see all of the pictures in one place.Likeable Media
Photos have slowly taken over the newsfeed. New Facebook #newsfeed will revolve around photos http://pic.twitter.com/4D6OpbMXK7Social Fresh
Here’s what the #newfacebook newsfeed looks like. http://pic.twitter.com/2Bo9ed9yKBJosh Mabry
"What you’re seeing now is a very mobile inspired design." #facebook #newsfeedHal Thomas
There are those who welcome the News Feed changes.
New Facebook newsfeed looks beautifulJulian Watenya
Watching and learning about the new updates to Facebook newsfeed. I’m liking what I see!!Beth Lincoln
The new Facebook newsfeed looks nice…Rainbeaux Media
Change coming with FB newsfeed! Very visual…it’s a good change.Trisha Philbrook
#facebook newsfeed brings more richer experiences to articles, images, interests to bring it front and centerHeather Pidgeon
Facebook now merges related articles, topics to your favorite videos and pages within the newsfeed. Your Facebook… http://fb.me/2051zJ1LJMarketing Monster
Facebook will now be in chronological order. That’s only what we’ve all wanted since they stopped sorting posts in chronological order.Just Ches
On the other hand, there’s this…
I always scroll down my #newsfeed on #Facebook. To much stupid shit on it. :PJarman Clark Names
Now is possible to filter #Facebook #NewsFeed in arguments and in chronological orderFilippo Randazzo
How I feel reading through my Facebook newsfeed. http://pic.twitter.com/2FIzhmSCNMGirl Problems