Gangnam Flash Mob at Knott’s Scary Farm 40th Haunt

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, surely you’ve heard the infectious K-pop single by Korean musician Psy. With its catchy tune and rhythm and it’s humorous video and distinctive dance moves, Gangnam Style is definitely THE hit of the late summer of 2012, inspiring numerous memes and flash mobs around the world — including this latest performance by some of Orange County’s social media movers and shakers led by Ted Nguyen @tednguyen and the Veturis sisters @rochelleveturis @haleyveturis @chelseyveturis during opening weekend of Knott’s Scary Farm.

The Story Behind Gangnam Style Flash Mob at Knotts Scary Farm

A flash mob is a group of people who assemble seemingly suddenly in a place and perform a dance, an act, or some kind of number and then disperse. Though our mob numbers were low, the spontaneity of the event at Knotts Scary Farm one night captured the flash mob spirit – Gangnam Style.

Storified by Marcie Taylor · Wed, Sep 26 2012 19:17:10

As with most good things, LOL, it all started as a joke, maybe even a challenge on Twitter.
Lol for those who really wants to learn! @TedNguyen: How To VIDEO: Gangnam Style ‘Horse-Riding" Move Made Easy #GangnamThe A Train
@suburbanmama @TedNguyen @GinaParris @JohnLusher @daniellemmiller @PaulTTran that music video is ridiculous! It’s so funny 🙂 #GangnamRochelleVeturisColes
@TedNguyen @GinaParris @JohnLusher @RochelleVeturis @daniellemmiller @PaulTTran > I would love to see THAT video #gangnam styleMarcie Taylor
Wow. @HaleyVeturis and @TedNguyen just got the green goblin GTS monster to do Gangnam Style. Wow. @Knotts #ScaryFarmAlbert Lam
First there was the instant rehearsal during the VIP Social Media dinner. Haley, Emily and Ted are joined by a green goblin.
Gangnam Style Dance for Knotts Scary Farm Flash Mob Practicesuburbanmamatv
We explored the mazes, rode the rides and enjoyed the 40th Anniversary of Knott’s Scary Haunt. And then came the call… the flash mob — for realz!
FLASHMOB: meet at boardwalk near logride at 96.3 booth! DJ will play our song! #ScaryFarm @TedNguyen @RochelleVeturis #GangnamTanya Salcido
Ted Nguyen fearless dance master led the flash mob. Before long other park goers got into the action. Voila… another Gangnam Style Flash Mob.
Gangnam Style Flash Mob *Knott’s Scary Farm* 2012 Opening Weekendrochelleveturis