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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I went out and done did it. Cut 12 inches off my hair. Okay so it was months ago but I’m only posting now. It seemed more than a hair cut then- it felt to me like a major change. It wasn’t the first time I’d had short hair but this felt different – it was liberating.

Over the last year, I was living frugally and my usual $50 hair cuts were the last thing on my mind. You see, I liked making a day of going to the salon and getting my hair washed, cut and colored – so the cost was upwards of $50. I tried a cheaper place one time and the hair dye absolutely burnt my scalp. So to save money and maybe because I was just a wee bit lazy, I let my hair grow and grow. Finally when I got tired of tying it up in a ponytail and the greys had grown way out, I decided to cut it all off. What’s more, I had decided to give it up for a good cause — Locks of Love.

To find THE person to do the honors of chopping it all off for charity, I tweeted and posted on Facebook. A handful of salons and hairdressers had offered to do it so it was great that I had choices. It turns out, cutting hair for Locks of Love is something many salons do in fact — they cut your hair for free when you donate the locks to charity. I ended up choosing Armando – whom I was Facebook friends with even if we hadn’t met. I think we connected because I had seen some of the charitable cut-a-thons his salon had sponsored and we exchanged a few messages. Also, I had often driven by his salon on PCH. (You can’t miss it – it’s next to the Ferrari dealership.)

I went to Armando A Joshua Christopher Salon and met Armando for the first time. He cut my hair, I left happy. I vowed to return but I need to save up to afford his mad styling skillzzz. I haven’t cut my hair since. One day, Armando, some day — I’ll be back!