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Happy Anniversary SoCo Farmers’ Market!

It’s really cool when you see an idea blossom into an event. Even better, when the event becomes a tradition. Let’s hear it for the latest edition of the Chopped-style (a la the FoodNetwork TV show) Farm to Food Truck Challenge. It seems like only yesterday when the whole gourmet food truck thing was deemed a fad, and the SoCo Farmers’ Market had just opened. But it’s been two years and how the market and the event have grown. Looks like gourmet food trucks are here to stay. Chefs are the new rockstars, in case you didn’t notice. And the Farmers’ Market is the place to go.

That is why I am happy to share with you details about this Saturday’s Farm to Food Truck Challenge. Saturday, November 17th, 2012 9am-2pm at the SoCo Farmers’ Market in Costa Mesa.

Marcie Taylor on Farm to Food Truck Challenge

According to Farmers’Market manager and foodie extraordinaire Anais Tangie: “Due to having postpone the event, we had to downsize (the event) a bit, to a total of 10 trucks, with three confirmed Challengers. We can’t wait to host you at the SoCo Farmers Market for our two year birthday celebration!”

Here’s the
Setting up starts at 7:30am, first wave of volunteers
Arriving at 8:00am, second wave of volunteers
Opening at 9:00am, CMHS and High School Inc. arrives
Arriving at 11:00, Judges, VIPS
Tasting begins at 12:00pm
Judging begins at 1:00-1:30
Announcing winner at 1:30-2:00

The five mandatory farmers market ingredients are:
Butternut squash- Bautista Creek Local Produce or Pedros Farms
Walnuts- Bautista Creek Local Produce
Pomegranate- Nicholas Family Farms or Atkins Farms
Kale- Menos Farms or Gaytan Farms
Mushrooms- Kanes Family Farm

Five Challengers will create five competition dishes using SoCo Farmers Market ingredients and Savory Spice salts and spices.

Purchase a $30 Tasting Tickets to eat one of each of the Challengers competition dishes via PayPal. Only 100 Tasting Tickets sold. Here’s the link to copy, paste and share

Taco Maria (competition)
Seabirds*** (competition)
A Bite Truck*** (competition)
Barcelona On the Go
Lobsta Truck
Rancho a Go Go
Front Porch Pops
Piaggio On Wheels
(Two pending Confirmation)

For more information on the SoCo Farmers’ Market, visit and LIKE them on Facebook at