Huell Howser Remembered

California Mourns Huell Howser

California Public TV Icon Huell Howser passed away on Monday, January 7, 2013. He was the beloved host of shows including "California Gold," "Visiting with Huell Howser" and "Road Trip with Huell Howser." The following tweets and posts show how much he will be missed.

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Co-worker brought this in today. #HuellHowser #CaliforniasGoldPaul P.
Growing up in Southern California many of us spent lazy afternoons enjoying Huell Howser’s show, California’s Gold. He helped teach us to enjoy the small things in life, to always be curious & to do it all with kindness & a smile. His public broadcast show took pride in searching out the magic of our southwestern state & in a small way, helped inspire our brand WONDERLAND. We just wanted to take a moment to say ‘Thank you Huell, keep on searching’. | #californiasgold #huellhowser #legend #nationaltreasure #goldenstate #itsourthereifyoulookforit #wonderlandfindit #wishyouwerehere #yesterdaytomorrow #findit #wonderlandsun #pbsChristopher Friel
#HuellHowser, your story-telling skills and artistic descriptions of the beauty of California will be missed. R.I.P.Patricia King Lynch
RIP Huell. You were a huge part of my childhood. You’re enthusiasm and passion will not be forgotten.Sara Spoden
With the passing of Huell Howser last night we thought it would be a good day to watch some of his shows. We have posted the link below to his shows on KCET. Do you have a favorite show or moment? Fernando Valley Buzz
Huell’s gone but not forgotten. California Gold. @HuellHowser #ThatsAmazingCraig Teter
Oh, Huell. Watching a story about a doughnut shop in Glendora, and now I want to take a road trip. #Ilovedoughnuts #fatkidtweet #HuellHowserRochelle Rubio
#HuellHowser you taught me so much about cool places in California! I’ll miss you… McIntyre
Oh no! Huell Howser died!?? 🙁 #happiestmanonearth #huellhowser #ripAllison from Steps
RIP Huell Howser. Thank you for sharing with the public the great historic and enchanting places of Greater Los Angeles.Los Angeles Conservancy
A tribute to #HuellHowser. Anacan
@kciao I loved his show "California on".He came to my neck of the woods on the central coast for a show in the 80s. #HuellHowserClifford H Knight(D)
R.I.P. to Califronia Gold’s Huell Howser #CaliforniaGold #HuellHowser #GreenTechGeek #Whitewater #WindPowerTea With Lemon
RIP to #PBS Family’ loss #HuellHowser CALIFORNIA Gold Was my all Time Fav informative and educational show o lopez
You’ll be missed. #RIP #huellhowser #californiasgold #kcet #pbs @ The Short Stop Urmanita
Really love this #HuellHowser article from @Andy_Richter. He really was one in a million. Kent
#HuellHowser Petition to erect a memorial statue in Griffith Park | sign and pass it on! #fbjohnnyoops
RT @DaManOnThStreet: @JerryBrownGov, please let #CAgov (re)Name @CAStateParks 4 #HuellHowser! A #Huell #CAparks would-B "Amazing!" @laplcentral @LApubliclibraryGena PhilibertOrtega
I will miss you, my friend #HuellHowser.Thomas Lennon
Huell Howser Memorial Service At Griffith Observatory On Tuesday, Jan. 15 2013 #huellhowserTere Blanco