Goal Setting- Inspired by Shark Tank

I’m taking a page from Seth’s Blog and writing from the heart and mind. It’s something I’ve been pondering lately, especially in light of this new path I’ve taken as an entrepreneur. The epiphany came to me while watching television, as many epiphanies do I’m sure. This time I was watching Shark Tank. I was a big fan of the original British show Dragon’s Den but I digress. I like watching Shark Tank because I do enjoy watching others succeed. But I’ll admit I have a perverse fascination for when Mr. Wonderful says something like “I don’t see a business here. You are a fool,” and gives someone a reality check. Or words to that effect.

For me, enlightenment came via Robert Hervajec, the more amiable of the sharks in the tank.
He said:
“A goal without a deadline is just a dream.” – Robert Herjavec

Goal | Quote | Marcie Taylor
This photo was taken by me at the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. The quote is my own as well. If you’d like to pin it or share it, my only request is that you link back to this post. Please and Thank you.

And just like that — I realized that all this time, I didn’t really have any goals. Maybe I was only dreaming. You see, my goals have always been fluid and non-specific.  I mean, I want to be happy. Who doesn’t right?  I do know that I like to create things and help people. But I’ve never set deadlines for creating or helping.  I haven’t set dates for writing a business plan or closing x number of new accounts. And THIS is my problem.

Going by Robert’s words, my goals are just dreams. But don’t goals start out as dreams?


It took coffee with a friend, who happens to be an entrepreneur to set me on the right path. (I don’t know about you but coffee and good friends have that effect on me. LOL. No seriously.) I admire entrepreneurs with laser-sharp focus and determination. This is something I strive to learn and cultivate this year. I am setting deadlines now. They are my own. But it’s time to transform my dreams into reality.