Kababayan Today with G Tongi Part 2

Here are the next two segments of my guest television appearance on Filipino-American show, Kababayan Today, hosted by the beautiful G Tongi.

After getting over my nerves, it was easy to talk about anything! Naturally talked turned to two things I am passionate about: blogging and social media.

The segments are appropriately titled: Growing Trend of Blogs about Fil-Am Motherhood and Becoming Social Media Savvy.

When asked for social media tips, I say that the “Thing to remember (about social media) is that… it is all about connecting with a person.” I caution young people to watch what they post and warn that even if your social channels are set to private, anything online is really PUBLIC. There are ways, after all, to find photos and text, that could damage your reputation and your future. That said, social media can be used for good. Watch this last segment and see how I respond to G’s question about a “selfie quota.”