ACV and Manuka Honey detox drink

The Sweet Truth about Manuka Honey – Archived

You’ve probably seen it in health food stores. Manuka honey is all the rage. But what makes it special? But isn’t honey itself special? Well, first of all, manuka honey is produced by bees that pollinate the manuka bush, also known as manuka myrtle or New Zealand tea tree. It is native to New Zealand and Australia, which is why it is quite pricey on the market.

Most honey contains a naturally occurring active agent which supports good health, but manuka honey supposedly contains an extra component that makes it distinct from other kinds of honey. Studies show that the high sugar content of Manuka Honey creates an environment in which bacteria infecting a wound, are unable to survive. Manuka honey also has an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which adds to its antibacterial properties.

There are many other health benefit claims from Manuka Honey, but one thing I know for sure is that it really tastes good. Do note, that Manuka Honey, is a spreadable honey (think: Nutella) and not liquid. Incidentally, my Manuka Honey is from Frezzor and costs about $47.20 (when you do a monthly subscription.)


Try it on toast or to sweeten your tea.
Try Manuka Honey on Toast

Or you can try this little health drink that some friends of mine swear by. It purportedly reduces cholesterol, helps weight loss, eases sore throats, boosts energy, decreases inflammation, eliminates joint pain and helps with digestion and constipation. It’s kind of a little DETOX drink that you are supposed to take first thing in the morning. I just started drinking it myself, and while the Frezzor Manuka Honey helps it go down a little bit, it might be hard to take in the beginning. If you are familiar with kombucha though, then drinking this should be easy.

1 Tablespoon raw apple cider vinegar
1 tsp Frezzor Manuka Honey
1 cup water

ACV and Manuka Honey detox drink

By the way, stock up on your Manuka Honey this month because Frezzor is giving a 20% off Manuka Honey purchased in October.