Mind and Body Cleanse by Paleta

Being active on social media is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it makes you more accountable for your actions and on the other, it leaves you open for mean attacks from virtual strangers at worst; or at best, good-natured ribbing from people that know you in real life — especially when you embark on a “cleanse.” Such as I did a week ago.

Day 1. Mind and Body Cleanse. Let's do this! #monday #paleta #cleanse #health #food Thank you Chef Kelly!

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The assignment: a 5 day Mind and Body Cleanse from Paleta, a Farm to Table Meal Delivery company that encourages people to “Change the Way You Eat.” I’m not a cleanse newbie as I’ve actually done a Paleta Juice Cleanse before, which I write about here. The “Mind and Body Cleanse,” does not involve juices but instead, comes with “everything you need: all of your targeted meals and snacks, PALETA PURIFYPLUS POWDER, flavor packs, herbal tea, instructions, a shaker bottle, and soothing and detoxifying bath salts.” How it works is basically it eliminates heavily processed foods and replaces them with low-allergy-potential clean foods rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. In essence, for me, it meant cutting out coffee (the biggest challenge) and carb loaded, sugar rich foods.

Here is what a day on the Paleta cleanse looks like:


Paleta Purify Shake | 2 scoops | Dried Fruit and Nuts


Paleta Purify Shake | 2 scoops


Baby Carrots | Artichoke Hummus


Paleta Purify Shake | 2 scoops


Vegetarian Three Bean Chili


Paleta Purify Shake | 2 scoops | raw almonds

Not bad right? In fact, you are never hungry on this cleanse. But for me personally, it was re-training my mind (and as a consequence, my body) not to reach out for that donut or bag of chips.

Looking back, the second day was the hardest – my head throbbed in pain due to caffeine withdrawal but by dinner I was great. The evening meal was delicious. Just think, food being prepared for you by a real classically trained Chef!

Day 2. Mind and Body Cleanse. It was tough today I won't lie. But the toasted #quinoa, kale and black bean stuffed bell peppers were delicios! #eatclean @eatpaleta

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By day three, the meal plan had become habit. I felt a little more energetic and actually felt lighter. Is it my imagination or do my clothes fit better?

Last day! @eatpaleta #mindandbody cleanse. I've got this!

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The PALETA meals are delivered fresh to your doorstep. How convenient. And they are made of the freshest organic ingredients too! Encouraging emails came daily from PALETA and that was very helpful.

I did it. I survived the PALETA 5-day Mind and Body Cleanse and I feel better for it. My skin has cleared up too — I think I’ll do the cleanse every quarter. No, really, it’s worth it.

**See my interview with PALETA Founder & CEO Kelly Boyer on YouTube.

Here are some discount codes you can use to start your cleanse at paleta.com

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