Music Monday: 2012 Indie Rock Ear Candy

Thanks to Colorado blogger Greeblemonkey, I discovered Rdio in time to come up with my own list of tunes that make 2012 a memorable year in music for me. Some might be familiar to you as they’ve been played in commercials on TV, like for cars or computers. But if you want to know how I discovered this alternative sonic landscape, check out Sirius XMU, KCRW, NPR Music and various other online channels that feature new music.

Don’t think me a music snob though.I listen to commercial radio too like KROQ but it is my sincerest hope that more people support independent artists in 2013. I mean, really, I get that Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were good and they’ve written good songs but we’ve been hearing them over and over for decades now. One might argue that bands like Gotye and Fun. have crossed over to mainstream consciousness but for what? To be played ad nauseam till Glee decides to cover it?

I mean REALLY. So for my year-end music round up, check out three bands from the UK, six from the US, and 1 from Australia.

Welcome to my 2012 jams.

It seems many people cannot listen to the music via Rdio, so I am adding some YouTube videos here and other links for your listening pleasure.

“Jump Into the Fog” by The Wombats
Most memorable line: I’m only here because…I want to twist the structure of my average day.

“Trojans” by Atlas Genius
Memorable lyric: Take it off, take it in, take off all the thoughts of what we’ve been.

“Headlights” by Morning Parade
Memorable lyric: Like a rabbit in your headlights, I am the beckon to your call.

The rest of my list – 7 songs more are in this soundcloud set. Enjoy!