Music Monday: Indie Rock Bands from Down Under

I’m back to posting Music on Mondays. Here’s a playlist that I’ve been working on for a while. There are only a few songs but I do enjoy them. If you haven’t figured it out yet, they are all from Australian bands.
I have fond memories of visiting Australia. And I even remember friends debating the virtues of Sydney vs. Melbourne (much like New York vs. Los Angeles), but it’s all good. Each coast is different but all lovely.

I wonder why no Australian band has made it really big in America. I mean, Hollywood goes gaga over the Aussies… Hello, Hugh Jackman, the late Heath Ledger and now the Helmsworth brothers, why not music? I suppose AC/DC, INXS and Silverchair have experienced success in the past. But even Silverchair happened almost 20 years ago!

Here are some promising new bands that are worth a listen.

And just for fun, here is INXS’ breakout U.S. hit – “What You Need”(1986)