Music Monday: Pentatonix covers Gotye

Just when you think you are so over that Gotye song, you hear an a cappella version and somehow it sounds new again. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

About the group Pentatonix. Pentatonix are a 5 person vocal band from Arlington, Texas. They won on the  a cappella vocal competition on television called the Sing Off on NBC. Check out their Facebook page with an impressive 101,000 fans.

Here is the original music video of the haunting and infectious song by Gotye.


2 responses to “Music Monday: Pentatonix covers Gotye”

  1. Really? Hmm…where is he getting that info? It’s true the song has been out for quite some time, but Gotye IS Australian and it hit #1 in Australia among searvel other countries before they started playing it on the radio in America. And at least for me, I shazam’ed it on the radio and wouldn’t have even known about the cover if Lena hadn’t shared it with us last weekend. And…the original song on YouTube has about 20 million more hits than the cover… Let me know what Rishi says about WHY he thinks (or knows?) this cover made the original blow up!

    1. Marcie Taylor Avatar
      Marcie Taylor

      Thanks for your comment Ramon. Yes, it is a Gotye song. Who is Lena? Rishi? Thanks for stopping by. I post about music on Mondays but I listen to music every day of course. Cheers.