Music Monday: Random Thoughts on The American Music Awards

Like most awards shows, the American Music Awards is more about the show rather than the awards.  And though we may not be big fans of  the nominees or artists involved, watching an awards show means being part of a collective experience. You could, of course, follow the hashtags on Twitter and be part of the conversation going on around an event, then watch some segments on YouTube and pretend you stayed up all night watching when it comes time to do a recap over the proverbial water cooler, or in most cases these days, the Keurig coffee maker.

On the night of the AMAs, I sat on the couch ready for some family viewing time.  Alas, my kids found other things to do as they were disappointed “Once Upon A Time” wasn’t on.  “But it’s the American Music Awards!” I said.  They ignored me and moved on to other things– one of my kids was watching YouTube videos on his laptop, the other was playing a game on an iPhone and my husband was watching a movie on HBO in the other room. So much for a shared experience, eh?

So I tried, really I did, and I sat through every Bieber performance, Taylor Swift, No Doubt, Pink, and painfully Nicki Minaj,  Pitbull was fun…by this time, my younger son came in and started dancing. I swear Pitbull he can make you get up and dance. When Pink was on and I was saying WOW about her dance moves, my older son looked briefly my way and said “Oh Pink, yeah, she was on Spongebob once.”

To be honest, I was looking forward to Psy’s performance but I was too tired and annoyed by the whole show and the presentors flashing the massive Samsung Galaxy Note to show the faux drumroll (Yawn) winners name on the screen, that I gave up as soon as Luke Bryan gave a shout out to his son Bobo!

Okay then… here are some of my random thoughts.

  • Was this the Justin Bieber variety show? It would seem so as not only did he perform multiple times, he won all the categories he was nominated for.

  • The inter webs were atwitter with the irony of a Canadian opening and practically taking over the American Music Awards, and a Korean closing out the show.  I find no irony in it because in my mind, being an American means being open-minded. The American Music Awards is about embracing all artists regardless of country of origin, and in this case, regardless of musical talent it would seem.
  • You know a band is getting old when its lead singer is known more for her fashion line than for her music. Yeah, nostalgia be damned but No Doubt were there to satisfy the parents watching the AMAs with their kids. Good thing, they rocked it.

  • I’m sorry but I really don’t get (insert strange wanna be overly-made up or costumed pop/rap diva something). Yeah, I’m talking about you Kesha, Nicki Minaj!

In the end, the highlight of the AMAs was the awesome performance of Psy with the surprise mashup guest appearance of MC Hammer, which I leave with you here for your viewing pleasure.  Onward, GANGNAM STYLE!