Music Monday: Social Media Lessons from The Roxy and a Spring Playlist

When Nic Adler of the Roxy Theater in Hollywood asked me what new music I listened to, I went blank and took a while to even mention Ra Ra Riot. It was a bit embarrassing but this was during the Getty Social after spoke to the social media people gathered there.

Andy Sternberg | Nic Adler | Marcie Taylor | Getty Social
Selfie Photo with @andysternberg and @nicadler of Adler Integrated.

During his talk, he shared how The Roxy Theater (@theroxy on Twitter) used social media. Some of his more important points were:

  • How @theroxy listened on Twitter in order to grow its following instead of just broadcasting and posting messages, “The more we listened, the more our  Twitter following grew.” (The Roxy currently has 127, 940 followers)
  • How they used social media to connect with their audience and bands
  • In response to a question about dealing with negative comments online, he stressed the importance of “Accepting you are not perfect,” and “being honest and engaging.” On Twitter, he reminded us to “at (@) reply” and when someone posts a negative comment on Facebook, he said they usually respond once and take the conversation offline.

As for me… I came up with this SoundCloud to let you all know what music I’m currently listening to – this list includes buzz bands “Ra Ra Riot” and “Cayucas,” as well as local bands, who I’ve heard about from friends like  “Francisco the Man” and a band I actually watched at The Observatory, “Tapioca and The Flea.”