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Not Your Mama’s Tupperware Party

Drag queen Tupperware party may sound odd but that’s exactly the kind of party I hosted last weekend. I met Kay Sedia aka Oscar at another Tupperware party because that’s how these house parties work.

Kay’s appearance on the reality show “Real Housewives of Orange County” has made her famous beyond the Tupperware circuit. But she’s actually been a Tupperware consultant for 11 years!

The mini show is a hilarious stand up comedy act interspersed with jokes and catalog numbers for specific Tupperware items.

When attending be prepared to laugh and buy stuff…Kay does an excellent job of demonstrating products so that at the end of the show you are convinced this is something you Must have.

Here are some Tupperware Testimonials from guests at my party “Not Your Mama’s Tupperware Party.”

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