Endless Summer at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach

Staycation is not my favorite word but it is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Fortunately we live in a place that’s conducive to “staycation-ing.” Living in Huntington Beach, one would think I’d opt for a non-beach getaway but I don’t. Instead, I jump at the chance to experience a beach town apart from my own in Orange County, California. You see, each beach city has its own vibe.

Located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach is the perfect weekend escape. The Joie De Vivre hotel group have done an excellent job transforming what used to be Vacationville into a chic boutique hotel.

My family and I were greeted with such warmth as if we’d traveled further than 30 minutes down the road. There were personalized goody bags that awaited us in our rooms – how thoughtful! My bag, pictured in the collage above, was a vintage hemp bag from the Sawdust Art Festival, which was filled with goodies from Laguna Beach.  It was the perfect welcome present.  Marketing Manager Bree Vetere later told me that they try as much as they can to personalize each guest’s experience.

Our retro-chic decorated room with a view of the ocean was amazing. With the hotel being right on the beach, it was not hard to enjoy a truly Endless Summer (and yes, it was the middle of winter!)

I truly had fun at the Sunday Gospel Brunch at the Deck. In fact, more than fun, it was almost spiritual — not just because of the Gospel music but because there was something about being so close to the ocean, hearing each wave crash onto the beach, feeling the wind in my hair and the sun in my eyes … all the while eating a delicious repast of blueberry pancakes. It certainly took brunch up a notch.

And speaking of taking things up a notch.  One MUST experience the Pacific Edge Hotel Surf Cabanas, which are basically like hotel rooms for the day. They are air-conditioned rooms with flat screen TVs and private baths and showers – kinda like a home base for a day of fun in the sun. You can also order food and drink from The Deck.

With places like Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach, staycation might just become my new favorite word.


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  7. My mom and I use to stay at Vacation Village back in the 70’s when I was little. It was our staycation of choice. I have been wanting to try the new Pacific Edge. Maybe I will take a staycation with my son soon. Thanks for sharing!