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How I Painted a Pet Portrait on a Bluetooth Canvas Speaker

Painting with a Twist and Onsia Sound Art

If you’ve never done a painting with wine type of class, I suggest you try it. It’s such a fun experience. Invite friends and spend an afternoon or evening, learning to paint, chatting over wine and generally having a good time.

One Sunday afternoon, I attended such a class at Painting With a Twist in Huntington Beach. This class was extra special because, for the first time, we were painting on Onsia Sound Art canvases!  Canvases with Bluetooth speakers in them. What’s more, we weren’t painting the typical sunset or vase of flowers, we were painting our pets!


A few days before the class, we were asked to submit a photo of our pet so that the Painting with a Twist teacher could sketch it out for us.  This was very helpful because the idea of painting something on a canvas speaker was a bit daunting. What if our painting didn’t turn out the way we’d hoped?

Dog Painting | Painting with a Twist

This is my dog Indy. The Painting with a Twist artist sketched out his face on a canvas and wrote down the colors we were to use.


At Painting with a Twist, they provide everything – brushes, paints, instructors and even a fully-stocked bar!

all supplies_PWAT

paints at Painting with a Twist


The day I was there, Painting with a Twist Co-Founder Renee Maloney and Onsia Sound Art™ president Steve Ventre graced us with their presence and showed us how easy it was to pair the bluetooth canvas speaker with your device.


Listening to Renee talk about the beginnings of Painting With a Twist, post-Katrina in Louisiana, was very inspiring! To learn more about the company’s origins, read here.

Back to the process, we had about three hours to complete our painting. Lively music was playing. And Painting with a Twist – Huntington Beach owner Sherri Kavoosi guided us through the process. She and two other instructors visited with each painter and helped us complete our pet paintings. This painting session was conducted workshop-style.

Painting with a Twist, Huntington Beach

Painting with a Twist, franchise owner of the Huntington Beach studio, Sherri Kavoosi, kept all the painters on track and having fun.

Painting with a Twist

Look ma, I’m painting.

The canvases we used were Sound Art™ canvases with a bluetooth speaker built-in. The canvas is available as a $99 upgrade to Painting with a Twist classes – and it is so worth it! I love that the speaker is super customized and made by me!

Painting with a Twist and Onsia Sound Art

Voila! My work of art – Sound Art!


For more information, visit:

Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist- Huntington Beach

Onsia Sound Art

Disclosure: I helped organize the Painting with a Twist and Onsia Sound Art event and received a free Onsia Sound Art Canvas. All opinions are my own.