Passion Project : Saving Sally – a Film Worth Saving and Sharing – Archived

It’s been three years since I wrote this blog post, ten years since the movie started production. Finally, “Saving Sally” a romantic sci-fi fantasy, is hitting the screens on Christmas day in Manila, Philippines as part of the annual Metro Manila FilmFest. Congratulations to director Avid Liongoren and his team!

Originally published October 9, 2013

Long ago in a land far away and in what seemed like another lifetime, some friends and I had a start-up graphic design studio, back when design studios were totally new and the internet had so much promise as a force for good. Mind you, Zuckerberg was still in high school then so there was no Facebook or any other social media. That should give you an idea of the time I speak. It was then that I learned how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver, even if technically, I was the Marketing Director and only occasionally, photographer and copywriter (we were a small outfit and often had multiple jobs).

One of the coolest things about that time was being able to work with some of the most amazingly talented and creative people I have ever met.

Filipino photographer Erik Liongoren was just starting out as a photographer then and it was through him that I met his talented younger brother Avid, then in his teens. This kid could draw ! And paint! And create like nobody’s business. Armed with this gift and a computer, the kid was magic. His name – Avid Liongoren. E ventually, our studio dissolved, with half of us moving to the West (US, Canada, The Netherlands) and the other moving on to other creative pursuits.

But the Liongoren brothers stayed in Manila and enjoyed success in their respective fields. Young Avid (for this is how we often called him) eventually became a commercial and music video director.

Check out one of Avid’s commercial projects.

These days, thanks to Facebook and the like, I am able to keep up with my friends in the Philippines and the projects they are working on. One of Avid’s passion projects is a film called “Saving Sally.” It is an independent animated Filipino film about teens and love, teens in love, monsters and gadgets.
Unfortunately, they are running out of money and the film is facing challenges to reach completion. So in the spirit of Kickstarter and other crowd-funding means, please take a look at this video and click on the DONATE button. These guys are the REAL DEAL and I hope you are as moved as I am to support great TALENT.

For information and to make a donation, visit