Review: Pelican ProGear™ CE1150 Protector Series iPhone Case

When you make a living off your mobile device like I do, as a social media strategist, you want to make sure your device is protected. I’ve smashed a phone once – it was an HTC EVO which I loved – I played basketball with a phone in my pocket. Don’t ask. Thank goodness for my Sprint guarantee, I got a replacement phone but it wasn’t the same.

This isn’t what happened to me exactly and why anyone would intentionally smash a piece of expensive technology is beyond me…but in case you like this kind of thing…enjoy.


Eventually, I joined the ranks of iPhone users and have never looked back. With my iPhone5, I have been very careful. The good people at Pelican Pro Gear sent me a C1150 case to review.  According to them, Pelican makes the “world’s toughest cases” from mobile cases to backpacks, computer and even pistol cases!

My teal case looks a bit manly but I will say that it is pretty tough. I’ve dropped my iPhone a couple of times and it has survived! This is because the case is designed with two levels of protection: a tough chamfer design on the outside and a soft elastomeric lining on the inside. Upon impact the Pelican ProGear™ Protector case deflects energy and cushions your phone, preventing damage to the fragile glass surface and sensitive electronics. I won’t go playing basketball or dunking it in a pool, (though I’ve taken my phone to the beach many times) any time soon but it’s good to know that I’ve got protection!

iPhone Case | Pelican Pro Gear | review

At the moment, they only have 5 colors to choose from Black, White, Teal, Red, Grey/Orange. Wish there were more graphics but at a retail price of $39.95 that’s not too bad at all.