Shop Till You Drop – new discount fashion stores court social media influencers

I am a self-confessed non-shopper. I can only shop with a purpose – need a black shirt? I’ll head for the black shirts. So it was a pleasant surprise when I was invited to two shopping events recently. I may not find comfort in retail therapy but I appreciate fashion and a good bargain.


The first event I attended was the preview for the Nordstrom Rack at the Outlets in Orange. It turned out to be a social media gathering with friends, bloggers and fashionistas. Thumping DJ music set the mood, complete with hors d’ouevres and drinks. I  wrote about it on Storify.

Original instagram photo by Kristin Ausk


The second event I attended  was a pre-grand opening event at the new Stein Mart in The Market Place, Irvine. One of the cool things about the event was that there was a charity angle! Tickets to the pre-grand opening were sold at $5 each. Guests received a $5 coupon as well as 20% off any item during the event. (At Stein Mart, that goes a long way!)  All proceeds from the ticket sales benefited these local charities: Families Forward, Woman Sage, United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County and Goodwill of Orange County.

Take a look at my Storify Post on the Stein Mart Event here.

What these two events had in common were music and refreshments! Could this be the next trend in shopping?  Having a party atmosphere, start-up money to get you shopping (because you know you will always spend MORE ), and friends to hang out with definitely made shopping for this non-shopper, a truly fun experience worth repeating.