Social Media Consultants Share Their Predictions and Resolutions for 2013

We all make ‘em and usually break ‘em but like it or not, new year’s resolutions and articles that talk about them are a staple of well, the new year. Last year I wrote 5 Social Media Resolutions for 2012, and for 2013, I have but one major resolution: that is, to use my so-called influence to help others. That’s right! I will use social media for good – in other words:
• I will re-tweet only positive thoughts, valuable insights and great tips;
• I will NOT like anything derogatory or insulting, even when and perhaps especially if they are disguised as a joke;
• I will use my social media connections to help connect people looking for work, or a business partner or artistic collaborator;
• I will promote worthy events and causes;
• And at the heart of it all, I will remember that behind most status updates, tweets, Instagrams, blog posts and pins, there are real people, fellow human beings or at least, that is my hope.

This year, I asked some of my social media friends what their resolutions and predictions were for 2013. Here are their answers:

Trevor Clinard, Social Media Consultant, shares his personal resolution: “To create a slightly off-color podcast I would want to listen to… and comment or participate more on others’ platforms. Don’t just produce, but read, consume, and pay it forward… plus drink more water.” He predicts that in 2013, “email will still be #1 as it always has been. Consumers and especially businesses will move futher away from Facebook products and establish themselves on niche networks that attract their demographics. Many are tired of the unreliable relationship Facebook seems to have with…well everyone. Also, there might be a surge in a new player that has been dormant in the scene so far, it will just take a few key movers and shakers to fall in love with Google+ to make it take off even more.”

“For the last several months I’ve been helping with the production of a weekly 30-minute google hangout focused on WordPress. I think at this point we’ve demonstrated that it can work. So my resolution for 2013 is to leverage Google Hangouts more as a way to have influence, connect with larger audiences, and create one more channel for new content creation,” shares Chris Lema, an author, blogger, public speaker and software engineering executive. He adds “I think 2013, in terms of both social media and software, is going to be the year of integration. Small and large businesses alike will be “done” with the swivel chair approach to tracking customer communication – from using a “social” solution for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, to a “communication” solution like email. Instead, they’re going to demand an integration that allows them to see the entire set of touch points and historical communication in one solution. Several players are approaching a solution and I think we’ll see the finalists emerge in 2013.”

Meanwhile, Oscar Gonzalez, web, tech and social media consultant at OC Web Pro and Oscar’s Tech, resolves to “be more consistent and focused on how I approach social media when it comes to business.” He predicts that: “We’ll see more saturation and burnout in big sites like Facebook, while other sites will hit mainstream and we’ll see an increased adoption by non-tech types and it will be based on context and mobile devices.”

Rachel Thompson, bestselling author, social media and book marketing consultant responds thus: “My social media resolution for 2013? That’s a dangerous question to someone who makes part of their living using social media! I have seven streams at this point (including four for author promotion), so it’s not an option for me to do LESS; so my goal is to use applications that help further with time management, allowing me more time for writing.” One predictions she has is that “Visual mediums (like YouTube of course, but also Pinterest and Instagram) will continue to grow larger than ever.”

And last but not least, Marieke Hensel, who runs digital marketing agency Branding Personality, says she aims “ To have more meaningful conversations with people (in 2013). I would like to deepen and better connect with people. I want to share my value to the world. Helping people where I can.” As for predictions, Marieke has a few – “First, “hat more people will jump in to text messaging for their business. And second,” she adds, “that people will finally get more serious about tracking their social media efforts. Third, Facebook will do more crazy stuff in 2013 that will flip out companies and make people angry. And finally, fourth, people will definitely flock more to Google+. In 2006, when Facebook just opened up for everyone, not many people were super excited about Facebook. The trendsetters were there, using the platform. The same is happening to Google+, the people will come. Google will hire smarter people and people will figure out how to get great value out of the system, I think with the Google Communities, Google definitely turned a corner!”

Thank you for reading all the way through till the end, here’s to another year in social media.  Looks like I’ll be seeing more people on Google+. What are YOUR predictions and resolutions?


4 responses to “Social Media Consultants Share Their Predictions and Resolutions for 2013”

  1. Thanks for the high light Marcie! Great to hear everyone’s opinion!
    Now, lets make ourselves be part of 2013 and make it happen!


    1. Marcie Taylor Avatar
      Marcie Taylor

      Let’s do this! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Marieke.

  2. I love how most are saying the same thing about Facebook and G+… interesting.

    1. Marcie Taylor Avatar
      Marcie Taylor

      Interesting indeed. Here’s to a new year and more adventures. Thanks for sharing, Trevor.