Why We Need to Stop SOPA

Can you imagine a world without the internet?  I can’t.

As I write this, I hear the sound of that ancient dial-up modem, and I get misty-eyed thinking about the old days when Al Gore invented the darn thing. But seriously, the worldwide web as it was more popularly called then, opened my eyes and my generation’s eyes to all the possibilities the world had to offer.  Technology is changing faster than ever. But the internet and it all it holds isn’t just about technology. At its heart, after all, is a deep desire to connect — with humankind.

That is why this SOPA Bill (Stop Online Piracy Act) is of much concern to citizens of the net (and the world at large!). It will potentially change things for the worse, give power to  a few, when we all know the web is enjoys a kind of democratic laissez faire.

What do you think would happen?  Can we survive without the internet?