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Spring Fling at Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm is one of my favorite family amusement parks. I love all the Americana, the food choices, rides and a host of other things that truly cater to every member of the family.

This spring, Knott’s has made some fun seasonal additions to the park including a new interactive live show at Charleston Circle called “Peanuts Party in the Park,” Big Boardwalk Board games like checkers and Connect Four, a 3-D art show at Silver Bullet Midway, and a nice Wine Tasting (for the grown ups) and Lemonade Tasting (for the kids – yum, try Boysenberry) event at Knott’s Towering Topiary Gardens located in Wilderness Dance Hall. What did I tell you — it’s fun for the whole family!

Instagram Snaps of Knott’s Berry Farm Spring Fling

Spring is in full bloom at Knott’s Berry Farm. From Ghost Town to the Boardwalk there are new activities happening. There was even a wine tasting stop at the Wilderness Hall. Besides all the old reliables like Ghost Rider and other awesome rides, there’s lots of fun to experiencfor the whole family.

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Swing into Spring @KnottsBerryFarm during #KnottsSpring BloomGarick
@knottsberryfarm #knottsspringKate SDDS
Fun with Charlie Brown, Snoopy and social media influencer crew at #KnottsSpring. Love Charlie’s red shirt! LA
Moms photo with Snoopy and Woodstock! <3 @raisedbyculture #knottsspringTee/That’s IT Mommy
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Silver Bullet riders at @knottsberryfarm #knottsspring I can’t ride them anymore!Tee/That’s IT Mommy
Why yes, rides are totally mandatory at @Knotts #knottsspring and if an 8 & 9 year old can toughen up so can all of you! HahaFaVeMom
Los fans de Ghost Rider #knottsspring @knottsberryfarm @knottsMayra Rodríguez
The Search for the Easter Beagle is on at Knott’s Berry Bloom! #KnottsSpringKnott’s Berry Farm
Board games on the boardwalk. Ha! @knottsberryfarm #knottsspringMichelle Carrillo
As an added bonus, @KnottsBerryFarm is offering a wine tasting topiary during #KnottsSpringGarick Chan
Hey winos, @knotts has you covered with their tasting garden during #KnottsSpringJamie Gall
@sparklinglala is lovin the prosecco at #knottsspring. MmmhmmmTanya Salcido
Can’t walk anymore but i sure can dance! Just need my boots! @knottsberryfarm Yay for #KnottsSpringDenisse Montalvan
Who knew! #KnottsSpring at night! @knottsberryfarmDenisse Montalvan
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