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    What It Means To be in Cision’s Top 50 List

    “Where PR and Media Connect,” is Cision’s tagline. Cision is a company that offers PR software and services. As a new media journalist, my name appears on Cision lists and that’s how I get press releases and pitches from various agencies. As a PR professional (working for Acorn Woods Communications, a PR and Marketing Firm Specializing in the Motorsports Industry), Cision helps connect me with journalists, publications and influencers relevant to my clients. From time to time, Cision names “Top 50 Somethings” from its vast database – top 50 U.S. Mom Blogger, top 50 Content Marketers to Follow etc. This is me with my fellow OC Family Mom Ambassadors, writers,…

  • TV Goes Social

    In another life, I’d be a couch potato. Seriously. I do enjoy television. These days, with no time to watch television shows when they are actually aired, the DVR is my best friend. I also like that I can look up a hashtag on Twitter or check a show’s Facebook page to see what I missed or to check out what’s coming up. Despite naysayers warnings, social media has only served to enhance my viewing experience, not replace it. Here is a list of 4 TV shows using social media to engage with its audience: 1. Fringe on Fox Saved by Twitter Hashtags On its last season, Fringe has consistently…

  • Connect, Teach and Share at OC Social Media Summit Today

    The 1st Orange County Social Media Summit is taking place today, Friday, May 18th, 2012 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest. Nearly 600 people are expected to attend the day-long event focused on Social Media. Topics covered feature everything from blogging, to making videos to posting tweets and Facebook updates. I caught up with one of the organizers of the event, Rochelle Veturis Coles @rochelleveturis and asked her a few questions: MT: What made you decide to organize the Social Media Summit? RVC: “We wanted to give some of our wonderful social media friends the opportunity to share their skills and talents with the community – because they do it…

  • Ritual Cleanse

    My first mistake was going to two parties while on the cleanse. While I never had the urge to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes nor did I have this overwhelming hunger, the party food was very tempting. But you see, the #world knew I was on a cleanse so how was I going to cheat? That’s what you get when you announce to the world via Twitter that you are going on a cleanse. Social Media makes you accountable. Post a status update about that new diet and your friends (or at least facebook friends) are sure to check up on you. Tweet a question or an idea…

  • Social Media is NOT a FAD

    Here’s an oldie but goodie. Right here, right now. It’s time for YOU to ENGAGE. From the good people of www.socialnomics.net [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIFYPQjYhv8]

  • HOW TO: Organize Your Contacts for Networking Success

    Ah yes, summer is knocking at our doors and I’m not even halfway done with Spring Cleaning in real life! Thankfully, my online world is a little more organized – thanks to articles like this one. Excerpt: “Managing your online network is critical, whether you’re looking for a job, trying to advance in your career, or you’re starting a business. Think of the Internet as a global talent pool that has more contact information than the White Pages. In fact, 80 percent of available jobs are never even advertised, with more than half of all employees finding their jobs through networking, according to BH Careers International.” Continue reading. HOW TO:…

  • Advertisers flocking to Facebook quadruple from last year | VentureBeat

    So much for Quitting Facebook.  Geez, I remember when the only reason to be on Facebook was to make friends, communicate with faraway friends/family and reconnect with old school chums. Of course, when I had first heard of social networking -it was Friendster (back in 2002) – and I thought it was some kind of dating site (which I suppose it could be or probably is to some) then came MySpace (2003).  The social networking landscape is ever-changing. Who knows what’s next. Advertisers flocking to Facebook quadruple from last year | VentureBeat.

  • What is a Mommy Blogger?

    Some weeks ago I attended the massive ConnectOC Networking event where I met all the movers and shakers of Social Media in Orange County, CA. It was great to put faces to names I had seen on LinkedIn and Twitter handles. Neal Schaffer of Windmill Networking interviewed me on being a mommy blogger. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDfGLWubIh4&hl=en_US&fs=1&color1=0x5d1719&color2=0xcd311b]