Out and About: Tasting Naugles Tacos for the First Time

For the longest time, I kept hearing about Naugles Tacos from friends, who grew up in Orange County. They waxed nostalgic about a 24-hour drive-thru and their famous cheese burritos. I was starting to think people were just being wistful and that perhaps this was just one of those food memories that would remain just that – a memory. Fast forward to 2015, Naugles returns to the scene. Christian Ziebarth, whom I had known via Twitter as @ocmexfood, won the Naugles trademark and eventually set up to revive the brand, which merged with Del Taco in the late eighties.

Cool Naugles sticker sheet designed by Parker Jacobs of Yo Gabba Gabba and Goon Holler fame.

At the Naugles Test Kitchen in Fountain Valley, a flyer had these fun facts about the brand:
• Naugles originally opened in 1979 in Riverside, CA.
• The Naugles brand lasted 25 years and at its peak had 275 locations in 10 different states.
• Naugles invented the 24-hour drive-thru concept and helped to popularize breakfast burritos in America.

The Naugles menu includes tacos, burritos, “cups” (which is basically the taco fixin’s in a cup), nachos and burgers! When I was there, I just tried the original taco (so filling!) and the taco salad cup, both of which I enjoyed. Unfortunately, they didn’t have their milkshakes yet and I’m definitely coming back for that and I’ll probably try a Naugles bun taco too!

Naugles Tacos Test Kitchen is at 18471 Mt. Langley
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 and it is open 7 days a week. The Naugles location on the beach in Huntington Beach is closed for the season. For more information, visit nauglestacos.com