TedXOrangeCoast Inspires!

Key Learnings from TedXOrangeCoast via Twitter

TEDxOrangeCoast was a day long affair of inspiration! Here are some of the key learnings that reverberated across the Twitterverse and resonated in our hearts and minds.

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Beautiful location for today’s #TEDxOC http://pic.twitter.com/i9Z9dKTiReggie E ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Math is more than numbers, it’s design, it’s a language. – Nigel Nisbet✍ Oscar Gonzalez
Nadeem Kassam shares the words of Aristotle "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." #TEDxOCJiJi Math
"Listen to the beat of your heart. It is the soundtrack of your life." – Nadeem Kassam #TEDxOCTEDxOrangeCoast
You can make what you imagine. That’s not a typical mantra in schools. #TEDxOCResa Barillas
When one door closes another opens. Do not get caught up in the closed door or you will never notice the open door. – Emile #TEDxOCTEDxOrangeCoast
RT @MIND_Research: John Jolliffe "What we believe today may be in the way of us believing something new." #TEDxOC Sven Johnston
Abundance in electeicity means abundant water. Technology now is fixing our problems. Water wars could end. #TEDxOC✍ Oscar Gonzalez
The most powerful tool of economic development is the single entrepreneur building/growing a biz & mentoring/investing in others. #TEDxOCResa Barillas
#TEDxOC your doctor will soon be an algorithm.✍ Oscar Gonzalez
Founding President of Ziba Design speaks about Innovation Spaces: Technology, Product, Experience #TEDxOCMIND Research
"Mass market desire is about meaning and experience." – Sohrab Vossoughi #TEDxOCTanya Salcido
Best tip for entrepreneurs: Don’t ever ask, "How can I be more like Apple?" Be you. Answer the ? "What’s MY innovation?" #tedxocCiaran Blumenfeld
Encouragement of the day? Go out and find someone who needs you! #TedXOC #FreeWheelchairMission #amazing #loveEmilyQuestions
"In life, you can leave a stain, or you can leave your mark." I’m inspired by the stories & insights at @TedXOrangeCoast #tedxocEdgar Mejia
3 types of innovation: Tech, Product (features), Experience (emotion, storytelling), says Zohrab of @Zibap. How do u innovate? #TEDxOCDigital LA
"Copying can be good for creativity; it can spur innovation. It is has unappreciated virtues." – Kal Raustiala #TEDxOCTEDxOrangeCoast
Existence is dependant on relevance. Ask yourself, what am I doing today or tomorrow that makes me relevant. #TEDxOC http://pic.twitter.com/gGlvbP0YAmber Atherton
Letting go of something to fully engage in your passion is where real transformation happens #TEDxOCPaul T Tran
Girls can do anything boys can do. Plus we can have babies. ~Reggie Littlejohn #TEDxOC http://instagr.am/p/Qnp2WpoEaS/Garick Chan
#TEDxOC Rick Afable, MD, CEO of Hoag Hospital: achieving organizational excellence requires people alignment around tangible values and loveGoran Matijasevic
Trying to be in style means inevitable irrelevance. Be timeless&find what should never change. Work on that. ~@rickwarren #TEDxOCRob Jacobs
How do I remain my own weird self while living in this world? How do I continue to reinvent while retaining my sense of self? #TEDxOCResa Barillas
#TEDxOC Annemarie du LeBohn on her triathlon accomplishment at 49 using the "one stroke, one pedal, one step at a time"Goran Matijasevic
"Be creative without judgement" -Ryan McCann #TEDxOC #FireArtShannon Smith
"Everyone knows change brings fear" says @RickWarren to Lara Lee, who responds: "lean into the fear" #TEDxOC http://pic.twitter.com/GamINys3gina mom
We need to let love work because it does. #quote Dr. Rich Afable, Hoag Hospital CEO, interest POV for a medicine man only at #TedxOCMarla Schulman
And perhaps one of my favorite presenters was 15 year old Jack Andraka who left us with these wise words.  
Re:the Internet- "we don’t want to see your duck face photos, instead you can be changing the world" – Jack Andraka (age15) #TEDxOCJen R
With kids like Jackie Emerson, Jack Andraka and Ray Goren, our future looks bright. 
The next TedXOrangeCoast event will be held on December 1, 2012. It will be a TedXOrangeCoast Women event with the theme: The Space Between.