The Birth of a Podcast Whilst Shooting the Breeze

One of the things I enjoy most about weekends is being able to kick back, meet a friend for coffee and shoot the breeze. One of my favorite shoot-the-breeze buddies is certified Belief coach, hypnotherapist and awesome friend Anne Bauerlein. We talk like girl friends do but rarely gossip – like for real. Instead, we prefer sharing positive stories and ponder our own purpose in life. What?! Well, yeah. So I had this idea that maybe we should start recording our conversations for a podcast.

Anne Bauerlein and Marcie Taylor
That’s Anne on the left and me on the right. We’ve often been mistaken for sisters.

Over two cups of coffee and a roasted purple yam (yes, our snack of choice!), we discussed what it was we enjoyed doing. Credit to my 8 year old who always seems to posit thought-provoking questions. So here goes.

Give it a listen, and let me know what YOU truly enjoy doing in the comments below.