The Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

Pray for Newtown

Friday December 14th 2012 will go down as one of the most tragic days in history when a gunman took the lives of 26 innocents, 20 of them children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. We are a nation in mourning sharing prayers and reflections across the internet and the world.

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President Obama’s speech during the Interfaith Vigil in Connecticut on Sunday capture the shock, grief, sadness and hope of every parent in America.
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R.I.P you will be missed by everyone!(,:<3 #prayfornewtown mrs.Horan:)!!
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Wearing blue and yellow tomorrow to remember those little angels. #prayforNewtownCat Lady
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Let us remember their faces and their names, and pray that we can come up with a solution to end this violence.  In my opinion it isn’t a question of gun control versus better mental health treatment, it is both.  It is also a matter of teaching our children to respect human life.
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