Travel Tuesday: The Sounds of a Kauai Sunrise

Maka’ala ke kanaka kahea manu.
Translation: A man who calls birds should always be alert.

It is said that the Hawaiian alii (chiefs) wore beautiful capes and headdresses crafted by weaving in thousands of tiny feathers. In Proverbs of Hawaii, the explanation goes thus: “The Kanaka kahea manu, the bird-catcher, would imitate bird-calls to attract the birds to catch them, pluck out a small number of tiny feathers and let them go. Once he had called the birds, he had to stay alert and be prepared to catch them quickly when they came near. The saying advises one who wishes to succeed to be alert to any opportunity that should arise.”

Source: Olelo No’eau Proverbs of Hawai’i

During my January visit to Kauai, while the beauty of the Garden Island was obvious, it was the sounds of nature that surprised me. Sometimes, you need to stay still and be quiet to truly appreciate beauty.