Twitter Moms Care for Content over Coupons – eMarketer

Several studies, including ones from MarketingSherpa and Razorfish, have indicated that finding deals is the main reason consumers follow brands on microblogging sites. But US moms—normally …

via Twitter Moms Care for Content over Coupons – eMarketer.

My take:

What they don’t mention is that most of the moms on twitter are usually mom bloggers or working moms i.e. people who need to tweet as part of their job and who happen to be mothers as well.  It’s hard to squeeze in Twitter time for most moms who, as it is, cherish EVERY free minute they have not spent taking care of their kids and homes. So, in my experience,  my twitter-mom friends and I are on Twitter as an extension of our other online activities – facebook, blogging, working online as social media specialists, marketing and pr professionals etc.

I do agree that CONTENT trumps COUPONS. You could keep offering coupons to services I  do not patronize in the first place nor plan to try out at all, and I’ll end up UNFOLLOWING you for being SPAMMY.  Brands on Twitter should realize that twitter is a SOCIAL tool and as such requires LISTENING and ENGAGEMENT.