Musings by Marcie Tayor : On Social Media

What does it mean when someone DOES SOCIAL?

Oh yeah we have someone doing social for us, a potential client tells me. Is she your marketing person I ask. “Ah well, she’s an office girl here and does a bit of everything,” comes the reply. “And she really understands our business,” he adds. Yes, but does she understand social media marketing? He changes topic – “I have someone who does our website too, and someone else that does SEO…. And then well like I said,” this girl does social, he reiterates.

At this point, I am confused as to why I’ve been called in, to be honest. I am a marketing consultant, specializing in social media, after all. I suggest that I’d be open to maybe taking a look at what they have in place and giving suggestions for how to integrate social media with the rest of their marketing efforts. No that’s okay, he says, this girl DOES our social.

So I give up. Apparently, I am to consult on influencer marketing. This is going to be tough since influencer marketing is so integrated into social media. Hmmm… this will be a challenge.

Our meeting ends on a high note and handshakes so it’s all good. In the end, I am to help with the influencer program for now. We’ll see how that goes, hopefully, office girl will understand how to amplify the influencers’ posts or at least be open to my suggestions.